FinancialFox Mining: Ready for the next big uranium bull run

In this episode of Financial Fox, Stefania Barbaglio (Steffy) talks to Brandon Munro, a well-known international uranium market expert and CEO of Banneman resources, an Australian Listed uranium company operating the largest uranium deposit in Africa. Uranium is one of the hottest tipped commodities in mining in recent times, due to the push for cleaner […]

Behind the lithium market bubble

Stefania Barbaglio (Steffy) meets the well-known international mining expert, Mickey Fulp, AKA The Mercenary Geologist to discuss ​one of the most talked-about metals today – lithium, which remains popular on the back of the booming market for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and other devices. Has the bubble burst or there is still some upside […]

All eyes on UJO. The small-cap oil stock sets to wow investors.

FinancialFox: Serial oil & gas investor Chris Oil talks about his recent investment in the London listed Union Jack Oil PLC (LSE: UJO). The small-cap company is one of the few oil companies boastING high-impact, low-risk assets in the UK which could significantly uplift the company valuation and share price. Drilling for both Biscathorpe-2 appraisal […]

Chris Oil’s eyes on oilies and uranium. Favourite stocks: LSE: UJO & ASX: BNR

FinancialFox. Briitish private investor Christopher Williams aka Chris Oil talks to PR Guru Stefania Barbaglio about his favourite stocks. Back to oil investment, Chris is now looking at high-impact undervalued small-cap companies: his pick is Union Jack Oil (UJO) which has an interested in Biscathorpe oil prospect. Defined as one of the UK’s largest onshore […]

Financial Fox: Equity market is in the past. Blockchain is reinventing the world

Stephen Kendal, Blockchain Investor and Advocate introduces Steemit – a new way of doing social media – and predicts a tokenised economy in the future. Equities are old news, Kendal says. Profits from blockchain could reach billions and trillions of dollars. This is what we should look out for. A MUST WATCH. Follow us @cassiopeia_ltd […]

Jim Mellon: the Longevity Industry. Lithium & Blockchain set to boom. Bitcoin is a bubble!

FinancialFox. When The Great Jim Mellon speaks, Investors listen! Technology and Bio’s are accelerating. Drugs that extend human life are the next big boom stocks. Biotime, Cohbar, Puretech worth looking at. Wait for them to become public. Novartis world leader in anti-aging research. The Lithium market is still way behind the curve. Lithium demand is […]

London Stone Securities: Blockchain & Lithium, Cryptocurrencies in big demand.

Financial Fox- London Stone Securities; Director, Ranjeet Singh, The city’s Big Buzz Stocks; Blockchain technology companies & Crypto-currencies are going to change the world. Lithium is great. Oil is a toil & Gold is cold! Aim stocks; Buy on the bid & know the company. Online PLC does it have a management pathway to potential […]