#FinancialFox Crypto Spotlight: Libra, Facebook’s “Crap Coin”

In this episode of the Financial Fox Crypto Show, PR guru Stefania Barbaglio discusses Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, with On Yavin, CEO of CoinIntelligence. On calls it “CRAP COIN”, a fake cryptocurrency that goes against all principles of the crypto world: it is centralised, and poses significant concerns on data transparency, data privacy, security and […]

FinancialFox Crypto: OBC building a global hub to be the “Yahoo of Crypto”

In this crypto episode, Stefania Barbaglio interviews Clem Chambers, CEO of London listed Online Blockchain (LON:OBC) and ADVFN. Clem talks about OBC’s two recently launched products: FreeLoadr, a blockchain gaming application: and http://FreeFaucet.io, an innovative platform which enables users to obtain established and emerging cryptocurrencies for free. Clem talks about the features of the platform […]

FinancialFox : UltiCoin – The cryptocurrency gamers have been waiting for

In this episode of FinancialFox Crypto Spotlight, Crypto PR Guru Stefania Barbaglio talks to Sinisa Milic, CEO and Co-founders of Ulticoin. Ulticoin is a token made from gamers for gamers. It allows gamers to cash in their in-game assets by trading it for other cryptocurrencies. Ulticoin is very versatile and secure, it can be implemented […]

Financial Fox: Lord Razzall “Blockchain is clearly part of our future”

In this episode of Financial Fox Crypto Spotlight, Member of the House of Lords and a Commander of the British Empire, Lord Tim Razzall talks to Stefania Barbaglio about the significant potential of blockchain application in business. Lord Razzall has onboarded blockchain technology, joining ZeU Crypto Networks as Director earlier this year. In this video, […]

FinancialFox Crypto: Vertbase: Coinbase for Altcoins.

In this episode of FinancialFox Crypto Spotlight, Blockchain PR expert Stefania Barbaglio interviews Justin Seild, founder and CEO of Vertbase, a user-friendly platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies/altcoins, with US Dollars. Inspired by Coinbase’s accessible and straightforward exchange, Vertbase has chosen to focus on those altcoins with high use case value, giving them visibility and […]


In this episode of FinancialFox Crypto Show, crypto PR guru Stefania Barbaglio talks to Tyler Swope, aka ‘Chico Crypto’, about the challenges and controversies surrounding cryptocurrency exchanges, following heated discussions on social media about the delisting of certain crypto coins on Binance. As a long-term advocate for cryptocurrencies, Chico gives his insights into the process […]

FinancialFox: ‘Bitcoin is not a bubble, it is the pin to burst the crypto bubble’

#FinancialFox Crypto expert Ajeet Khurana, CEO India crypto exchange ZebPay, talks to Stefania Barbaglio. The Leapfrogging aspect of new technologies has enormous power. Cryptocurrencies are overcoming the limitations of traditional money and financial markets. Decentralised blockchains are here to stay and are developing a new paradigm of decentralised economy and marketplace where tokenisation of digital […]

FinancialFox: Controversy over Cryptocurrency in India: Nischal Shetty, CEO WazirX Crypto Exchange

In this episode of FinancialFox, crypto PR Guru Stefania Barbaglio talks to Nischal Shetty, Founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange WazirXIndia and social media platform Crowdfire. With more 2.5million Bitcoin users, without even mentioning other cryptocurrencies​, India could represent a massive market. Shetty highlights the need for the Indian government to implement clear guidelines on […]

FinancialFox: Democratising crypto investments: Philipp Pieper, founder & CEO Swarm Fund

In this special episode of Financial Fox, PR crypto Guru Stefania Barbaglio talks to Philipp Pieper, co-founder and CEO of Swarm Fund. Philip talks about the future of digitised securities and Swarm’s mission and services. Launched in Silicon Valley, Swarm Fund is a decentralised capital marketplace that democratises investment in crypto security assets offering a […]