Bitcoin Foxes

Our First-Gen Foxes are arriving on Bitcoin

A collection of 5000 super-sophisticated Female Foxes are about to drop on the Blockchain!

What are Ordinals?

Ordinals are digital artefacts actually inscribed on the blockchain, whereas NFTs are simply digital certificates that point to the blockchain.

FinancialFox Core Values:

Education and Community

FinancialFox is on a mission of education and community-building. Discover the groundbreaking innovation of Ordinals in the Bitcoin ecosystem with us. Join in demystifying this transformative technology!

Bitcoin Woman

Bridging the gender gap

Crypto needs more women!

The Bitcoin ecosystem is a male-dominated space that stands to gain immensely from increased diversity, and having more women involved is crucial for fostering a well-rounded and inclusive ecosystem.

We want to see more Foxes joining us for this amazing journey!