FinancialFox | “Unlocking the Future: AI’s Role in the Metaverse Revealed!” with Dr Mark Rijmenam

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In this FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Dr. Mark van Rijmenam, aka The Digital Speaker, founder of the Digital Futures Institute.

Steffy and Mark discuss the lucrative opportunities that AI has to offer as well as the risks that need to be mitigated to make this technology safe to use. They talk about Generative Artificial Intelligence, use cases of Chat GPT, Role of Government in an AI powered Metaverse and much more.

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00:15 – Intro

02:00 – Introduction to the sponsor EMG’s “SuperApp”

02:50 – Introductions, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam.

07:35 – What is generative AI

09:17 – Capabilities of Chat GPT & AI apps that use Chat GPT as source code

13:30 – Chat GPT: one stop solution or a multi prompt model

15:15 – Sponsor break: learn more about EMG’s “SuperApp”

16:15 – The Titans War: OpenAI vs Google, Microsoft

19:55 – Security and privacy’ s aspect in AI

21:23 – AI + Metaverse = a healthy marriage?

23:30 – Hyper personalisation of the world – right or wrong ?

26:20 – Role of government in metaverse powered by AI

28:00 – AI help with interoperability and other uses cases

30:30 – Final thoughts

31:10 – How to get in touch with Dr. Mark van Rijmenam

31:30 – Outro

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