FinancialFox | What’s unique about Cardano NFTs with Nic Maselli, The Ape Society

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In this #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Nicolas Maselli, CTO The Ape Society – a collection of 7,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain.

Here they discuss the working of the Cardano & The Ape Society NFTs, Demystify the Cardano Ecosystem, Platforms useful for NFT projects and most importantly how AI and Crypto will combine to become a powerful entity.

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00:15 – Intro

01:23 – Introduction to EMG’s “SuperApp”

02:14 – Introduction to Nick

04:00 – Demystifying the Cardano ecosystem

09:15 – How do the Cardano and the Ape Society NFTs work ?

12:20 – What platforms should the NFT projects be launched ?

14:40 – Platforms / projects useful for NFT projects

16:22 – Learn more about EMG’s “SuperApp”

17:24 -The “APE” in “The Ape Society”

20:50 – USP of Ape Society, its NFTs and tokens

24:18 – Staking in the Ape Society

26:15 – Some of the things happening currently at the ape society

28:50 – How to get in touch with Nic

29:35 – Crypto + Artificial Intelligence = The next big thing

30:40 – Outro

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