FinancialFox AMA Series with IAMX Founder, Tim Bruckmann | Introduction to Self-sovereign identity

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In this First Episode of The #FinancialFox newly launched “Ask Me Anything” Series with steffy, we interview Tim Bruckmann, Co-Founder of IAMX – A blockchain-agnostic Digital Identity & compliance solution.

Steffy asked the following 10 questions to Tim :

03:20 – What is Self Sovereign identity ?

04:45 – What are the 3 pillars of SSI ?

11:17 – What is IAMX ?

19:45 – Tell us about IAMX Identity Verification Solution and how it works

23:50 – What’s the IAMX token ?

27:45 – Why have you chosen the Cardano blockchain for IAMX ?

31:10 – Are SSI solutions interoperable with any wallet ?

33:55 – Privacy has always been hard to integrate in conventional identity data management systems – how can blockhain help to decentralise identity data and not monetise it ?

37:35 – How important is regulation ?

40:20 – What is happening on Tuesday 9May in London at Cardano Masterclass ?

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