Financial Fox | Growth and Mass Adoption of Web3 with BNB Chain Director Gwendolyn Regina

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In this #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain, which is an amalgamation of Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) put together. BNB Chain is a community-driven, open-sourced and decentralized ecosystem. Through the concept of MetaFi (“Meta” for metadata, and “Fi” for DeFi), the BNB Chain community aims to build the infrastructure that powers the world’s parallel virtual economy.

In this episode they explore the relationship between Binance chain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & BNB Chain; discuss key features of BNB as a layer 1 blockchain, key features of BNB’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) incubation program; Concept of Meta-fi; Future of bridges and interoperability and advice to web3 startups and much more…

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00:00 – Intro

00:54 – Introduction to Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain

02:00 – Relationship between Binance and BNB Chain

03:20 – Key features of BNB chain as a layer 1 blockchain

04:55 – How BNB Chain has acquires such a huge user base ?

09:10 – Key features of BNB’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) incubation program

11:55 – BNB has dedicated a lot of funds ( $1 billion ) to grow the ecosystem and where are the areas that the capital is deployed to?

14:33 – Explaining the concept of “Meta-Fi”

15:41 – USP of BNB Token & how it fits into the ecosystem

16:35 – Do you believe in a multi chain future or do you think some key blockchains would have the monopoly ?

18:35 – Future of interoperability and crypto bridges ?

19:30 – You’re the investment director, what’s a typical day for you ? Is it similar to the role of a venture capitalist ?

21:20 – Advice to web3 startups

24:10 – Outro

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