Self-Sovereign Identity Fundamentals with IAMX Founder

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In this #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Tim, Founder of IAMX – a token-based self-sovereign identity (SSI) and authentication system, enabling 1Click-Fulfillment transactions that are legally binding on the state/national level. IAMX is the first-ever SSI solution to financially incentivize and reward consumers each time they use their identity online.

Here they discuss self-sovereign identity, DIDs (digital identifiers), #ZK zero knowledge Pproofs, mainstream adoption of wallets, why IAMX choose the Cardano blockchain and last but not least how blockchain technology is disrupting the KYC / KYB process for good.

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01:05 – Introduction to the guest – Tim B, Founder IAMX

02:55 – Is IAMX providing technology regarding compliance with financial regulation?

08:30 – How blockchain is disrupting the KYC / KYB process: Reusable KYCs

16:23 – What is SSI aka Self-Sovereign Identity?

19:40 – DIDs stands for ‘Decentralized Digital Identifier’ & not ‘Decentralized Digital Identity’

21:30 – What are zero-knowledge proofs?

25:30 – Blockchain and decentralized identities

29:10 – Intro to Identity NFTs

33:10 – Identity wallets

37:00 – Upcoming projects & services at IAMX

38:35 – Why did IAMX choose Cardano?

40:05 – Outro

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