FinancialFox: NFTs on Cardano are booming- This is why | JPG Store

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In this #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Blakelock Brown, CEO of JPG Store – The largest Cardano NFT marketplace which allows users to discover artwork, support creators and join communities on a decentralized blockchain.

What’s the difference between NFTs on Cardano vs NFTs on other blockchains ?

In this interview, Stef and Blakelock discuss the reasons he chose the Cardano blockchain for their NFT marketplace, the importance of creator royalties, how and what to research before buying NFTs, the most popular Cardano NFT collections and much more.

Tune in now and learn how to mint your very own NFT collection on Cardano via JPG Store.


00:20 – Intro

01:27 – Introduction to JPG Store & Blake, CEO JPG Store

03:45 – Blake’s journey in crypto

05:40 – Blake’s first NFT

06:10 – Reasons for choosing Cardano Blockchain for JPG NFT Marketplace

07:30 – What exactly is JPG store & reasons for its unprecedented success

10:45 – JPG Store team

11:40 – NFTs on Cardano vs NFTs on Ethereum

16:45 – USP of Cardano NFTs

18:30 – Verifying artists on JPG Marketplace

21:00 – How easy is it for creators / brands to mint a NFT collection ?

22:10 – Most popular NFT collections

25:35 : How & what to research before buying NFTs

26:55 – How to buy NFTs from JPG Store

29:00 – What’s next for JPG Store ?

30:50 – Interesting Trivia – Reasons behind choosing the name JPG Store

33:40 – How to get in touch with JPG Store ?

34:45 – Outro

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