FinancialFox Smart Investing: Beating the market with Clem Chamber and Naked Trader Robbie

In this interview, Steffy speaks with trader and author Robbie Burns ( aka the Naked Trader) and Clem Chambers, general partner at Clem Capital.

They share their insights on investing and trading; debate valuations and liquidity issues and discuss shorting strategies. Watch to find out more…

DISCLAIMER: Any content in the video doesn’t represent financial advice but it is only for information purposes. Do your own research when investing.


00:00 intro

00:45 Intros

2:20 Spread betting and Shorting – what is it & how to protect against it

7:00 – Criteria & strategy to choose good companies

8:10 Gas as a commodity – buy or sell ?

13:45 Liquidity issues

17:00 – IPOs

21:00 outro

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