Earn crypto by running: Web3 Lifestyle with StepN

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In this #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Shiti Rastogi Manghani, Chief Marketing Officer at STEPN – A move2earn NFT Game-Fi project on mobile devices that aims to help millions of runners to adapt Web 3.0 and at the same time, slow down global warming through on chain governance.

Here Stef and Shiti discuss StepN and how it is encouraging users to adapt to a healthy lifestyle while transitioning from web2 to web3. They also discuss buying NFTs as a barrier of entry in the metaverse, difference between other lifestyle apps and StepN, reason behind choosing Solana and Binance as the working blockchains and future plans to integrate other blockchains.

Tune in now and start running to earn crypto in the metaverse.


0:05 Introduction to StepN & Shiti Rastogi Manghani, Chief Marketing Officer at STEPN

0:42 More about StepN, the application

1:46 Buying sneakers a barrier of entry to the platform ?

3:32 Inducing behaviour to link the physical and the virtual world

5:05 Difference between other lifestyle apps and StepN ?

7:20 How StepN works ?

8:50 Why Binance and Solana as the running blockchains ?

9:10 Plans to integrate other blockchains such as cardano and ethereum in the future ?

9:52 Getting in touch with the StepN community

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