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In this #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Adam Lowe, Chief Innovation Officer at Arculus. Steffy and Adam talk about the importance of using a cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies and crypto assets over centralised custody. Developed by CompoSecure, Arculus is the revolutionary new cold storage wallet solution for securing your crypto.

0:28 Introduction – securing digital assets and cryptocurrencies with Arculus
2:52 Introduction of the guest – Adam Lowe, Chief Innovation Officer at Arculus
3:25 How to secure Digital Assets using Arculus?
6:20 Using Banking card technology to secure private crypto keys
6:34 How to move your crypto from an online wallet to an offline one ?
8:30 How can someone transfer or send crypto from Arculus wallet ?
9:30 NFT is not a picture but a set of keys
10:35 I lost my phone – what next – how to regain access to my keys / passwords ?
11:30 I lost my card – what next – how to regain access to my keys / passwords ?
12:30 How to move crypto from Arculus to exchanges ?
13:30 Ability to trade within the Arculus app
14:10 What assets does Arculus support ?
15:00 Interoperability with the Arculus application
16:00 What are some of the challenges does Arculus is currently facing ?
17:20 How is the identity of the users on Arculus verified ? ( AML / KYC )
18:20 Is Arculus considering to move beyond the US ?
19:15 The public company behind Arculus
20:11 Why choose a hardware wallet over a centralised custody ?
21:05 How to get in touch with Adam and Arculus ?

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