FinancialFox | Challenge of building the Metaverse on Cardano | Cornucopias

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In this special #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with the creators of Cornucopias, Josh Jones and Rob Greig, and Oscar Chambers, from Umbria Network.

Main topics in the discussion: building metaverse on Cardano, scalability and gas fees, hybrid centralisation and Cardano’s blockchain development.

0:45 Introducing Cornucopias
1:55 What is Learn-to-Earn?
5:00 Building metaverse on Cardano
7:30 Cardano gas fees
10:40 Scalability and Layer 2
11:55 Cardano development timeline
13:45 Token
14:45 Interoperability bridges
19:55 Building NFTs
22:10 Centralised vs. Decentralised chain
25:30 Community and demand for Cardano chain
27:40 Roadmap and the cardano of tomorrow?

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