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In this special #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Jeff Hancock, co-founder and CEO of Coinpass, an FCA-approved crypto trading platform in the UK.

Steffy and Jeff discuss the pivotal role cryptocurrencies have been playing in the conflict in Ukraine. Aid donations worth millions of dollars have already been sent to Ukraine via cryptocurrencies, allowing people all over the world to help and support the victims. They also discuss how the conflict and economic sanctions may impact the global economy, which gives businesses the opportunity to embrace crypto as a method of payment.

1:30 Conflict in Ukraine: Crypto and economic volatility
3:15 Russia: Can crypto be used to circumvent sanctions?
4:45 Crypto to help humanitarian efforts
6:10 Centralised crypto exchanges operating in Russia
8:05 CBDCs as a new form of money?
10:25 Impact of conflict in the crypto market
13:00 Should businesses start accepting crypto?
15:00 Coinpass latest news
17:30 FCA compliance for crypto platforms
19:30 Educating new crypto investors

Coinpass is one of the UK’s few FCA-approved crypto trading platforms, offering a safe, user-friendly, and low-cost platform for investors to explore opportunities in crypto and access crypto-to-fiat trading. Founded in 2018, Coinpass offers unparalleled user experience, aiming to provide a smooth gateway for crypto newcomer. Coinpass was voted Best Crypto Exchange in 2020 by Crypto AM, and received its FCA approval in 2021, becoming one of the first UK-based crypto platforms to be recognised by the authority as legitimate and reliable. Visit Coinpass website here:

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