#FinancialFox Crypto Quickfire: Aavegotchi

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Special #FinancialFox quickfire with Jesse Johnson, founder and COO of Aavegotchi:

0:12 What is an NFT?
0:42 What is the metaverse?
1:07 What is play-to-earn?
1:43 What is DeFi?
2:38 What is Bitcoin?
3:35 First crypto?
4:25 Will Bitcoin become the global currency?
5:08 Crypto energy consumption
5:52 First NFT?
6:20 When did Aavegotchi start?
7:00 Where does the name come from?
7:45 What wallet do you use?
8:00 Best crypto exchange?
8:33 Message to crypto community
9:40 Message to non-crypto community

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