#FinancialFox Making the most of your crypto investment, trading strategies with PrimeXBT

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In this #FinancialFox, Steffy speaks with Dirk Hartig, a professional trader and educator at PrimeXBT. They discuss the best strategies for crypto trading, common mistakes to avoid and how to identify the best opportunities in this booming market.

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0:00 Intro
1:45 PrimeXBT Trading Academy
3:15 Trading bitcoin and crypto: what to expect?
5:25 Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin?
9:10 Crypto trading tips for starters
12:20 Analysis tools and platforms
13:40 Trade on an exchange or other digital asset managent platforms?
16:40 Altcoins and DeFi: How to find a good project?
20:10 What are the differences between stock and crypto trading?
23:20 Strategies for trading
27:50 What are the most common mistakes to avoid?
30:20 How important is it to have stop-loss?
34:00 How to navigate social media hype on coins
35:30 Challenges ahead for the crypto market
39:00 What to expect in crypto trading?
44:35 How to get in touch with PrimeXBT

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