#FinancialFox Publicly-listed company embraces digital art and NFT, 1stDibs

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In this #FinancialFox episode, Steffy speaks with Sarah Liebel, Chief Revenue Officer at 1stDibs, an e-commerce platform focused on luxury items and interior design. 1stDibs has recently launched its own NFT marketplace and auction with a highly curated inventory.

0:00 Intro
2:30 1stDibs background
4:15 Expanding NFT market
5:30 What can you find on 1stDibs?
7:05 Furniture and jewellery as NFTs
10:30 Introducing 1stDibs community to NFTs
11:40 Working with creators and curators
13:40 1stDibs Blockchain technology
15:00 Traditional finance embracing innovation
16:10 Monetising digital art
17:40 Intellectual property rights
18:30 Furniture in the metaverse
20:05 The value of digital art
21:15 Blockchain and Secondary marketplace
24:00 The future of the digital art market
25:30 Getting in touch with 1stDibs
26:40 Steffy’s final thoughts

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