#FinancialFox Data is the new Oil: Question of data and privacy in Web3, Ocean Protocol

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In this episode of the FinancialFox, Steffy talks to Bruce Pon, founder of Ocean Protocol. They discuss the value of data in the digital economy, the dilemma of access to data and privacy, and how data is managed in Web3.

0:00 Intro
2:35 Bruce’s background
4:40 Data ownership
7:15 The power of Big Tech and Web3
9:30 Balancing access to data and privacy
14:10 Proof of Authority
15:50 User experience
19:35 How to access data legitimately
22:50 Ocean Protocol industry applications
25:50 Understanding the data economy
26:50 Government and regulation
30:15 The ocean token
32:35 Ocean’s latest developments
34:35 Data as digital assets
38:40 Possible system failure
40:50 Steffy’s final thoughts

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