#FinancialFox Kava Labs: Building Defi Services for the Financial System of Future

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In this new episode of #FinancialFox, Steffy talks to Brian Kerr, CEO of Kava Labs about Kava’s newest products and the DeFi disruption set to transform the financial system.

Kava is a DeFi platform aimed at financial institutions offering a fully integrated suite of financial products for crypto. Kava has been working on exciting products and updates such as Kava Lending platform, the Hard Protocol – the world’s first cross-chain money market, coming soon Kava Swap, and the next generation RoboAdvisor.

0:00 Introduction
1:28 Brian’s background & introduction to Kava Labs
4:55 What services Kava offers?
7:25 Securing a loan in Kava platform
9:51 Governance tokens and USDX
10:36 Why use USDX?
12:10 Volatility risk of collateralised assets
13:45 Kava’s Hard Protocol
15:25 Competition in the crypto money market
18:05 RoboAdvisor to improve capital efficiency
19:40 RoboAdvisor, volatility & risk management
21:00 Building and developing RoboAdvisor
23:20 DeFi disruption: Is DeFi poised to replace traditional finance?
27:45 Streamlining DeFi services
32:10 Kava’s AMM and how it compares to Uniswap
34:50 Targeting Institutions and retails investors
37:17 Integrating NFTs?
39:40 Steffy’s final thoughts

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