#FinancialFox Podcast: Investment strategies & spicy tips with shares tipster Michael Walters

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In this new episode of #FinancialFox​, Steffy speaks with renowned shares tipster, investor, and ex Daily Mail City Editor Michael Walters. Tips on how to identify the best companies, growing sectors in the markets, and tailoring investment portfolio. A must-watch for investors.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 Background information Michael Walters
4:25 Finding gems in the market
5:40 Commodity trend: copper- titanium Blue Jay Mining (LON:JAY)- rare earth
6:23 Special situation energy companies (Union Jack Oil & Reabold)
6:53 Flexibility in the small-cap space
8:30 How to analyze a company & identifying red flags
10:05 Balancing investment portfolio
12:55 Performance of banks & inflation
14:50 Commodities in the current market
16:25 Copper & company to watch: Chesterfield Resources (LON: CHF)
18:14 Rare earth & company to watch: Rainbow Rare Earths (LON: RBW)
21:15 Uranium market
22:04 Precious metals, gold & silver
22:48 Timber & company to watch: Woodbois (LON: WBI)
25:37 Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin & Ethereum
28:00 MichaelWalters community-driven investing platform and benefit of membership
31:05 Key takeaways & final comments from Steffy

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