#FinancialFox The digital universe of fashion: Blockchain, NFTs & Metaverse with Dematerialised

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In this new episode of #FinancialFox, Steffy speaks with Marjorie Hernandez and Karinna Nobbs co-founders of Dematerialised, a marketspace for authenticated digital fashion, about innovation and digital technology in fashion.

0:00 Teaser ( Fashion & Blockchain )
1:15 Introduction to Karinna, Marjorie and Dematerialised
5:20 The value of blockchain in the fashion industry
8:05 Blockchain for authentication & ownership
10:35 The growth of Digital Fashion
13:25 How does Dematerialised work?
17:46 NFTs in fashion
20:30 Unique fashion items
23:05 Utility tokens
24:10 Fashion metaverse
26:50 Digital goods ownership & value
30:30 NFTs for art & fashion creators
31:40 Dematerialisation of art & fashion
32:40 When is fashion becoming digital mainstream?
36:10 Education is key for industry success

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