#FinancialFox Web3 Foundation: Blockchain literacy, utility-based NFTs & Polkadot

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In this episode of #FinancialFox​​, Steffy speaks with Bruno Skvorc, blockchain developer, writer and technical educator at Web 3 Foundation, a Switzerland-based foundation aimed at allowing to create a non-intermediated communication ecosystem connecting all blockchain networks out there.
Bruno is also working on a new NFT project built on Kusama Network called Kanaria, which focuses on unlocking the utility value of NFTs.


02:00 – Intro/Bruno background
03:08 – What is Web3 about?
09:02​​ – Non-intermediated communication, governance & community building
11:38​​ – Understanding technical education & blockchain literacy
18:00​​ – The mission of Web3 Foundation
24:25​​ – Interoperability of blockchains, Polkadot
27:05​​ – Interesting applications of blockchain and crypto & NFTs
28:44 – Kanaria NFTs project on Kusama
38:03 – The ‘eggs’ & utility-based NFTs
44:20 – DeFi, NFTs & VR
47:00 – Adoption of DeFi & future of tech
48:55 – The future of finance powered by crypto

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