#FinancialFox: The Upside of Institutionalisation and Regulation in DeFi – Ajit Tripathi @aave

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In this episode of #FinancialFox, Steffy talks with Ajit Tripathi, Head of Institutional Business at Aave about financial institutions embracing crypto and regulation in the DeFi space.

In this informative talk, Ajit shows a positive perspective of having regulation in crypto and DeFi – a topic that can be controversial in this space. Regulation, after all, is aimed at improving services and providing better transparency.

Ajit believes in the power of customers to get financial institutions and banks to change their attitude towards new technologies and services such as DeFi. “Bitcoin was the first step towards DeFi” and the more mainstream adoption of Bitcoin represents a positive development for more growth in the industry.

He believes that more friendly regulation is on the way as more financial bodies realise the potential and benefits of cryptocurrencies, and that the “markets follow the technology,” he says.

A key aspect is ensuring that institutionalisation and regulation in crypto are able to maintain user autonomy and decentralisation.

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