#FinancialFox Umbria Network and Polygon partner to make DeFi easy, accessible and efficient

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In this new #FinancialFox​ DeFi Steffy talks to Oscar and Barney Chambers, co-founders of Umbria Network and Arjun Kalsy, VP for Growth at Polygon. Umbria and Polygon have entered a partnership to enhance Umbria’s platform accessibility and performance.

Polygon was designed to address problems of scalability and compatibility in the Ethereum network. As the number of projects in DeFi grows, Ethereum mainnet becomes more strained and transactions are more expensive.

As a decentralised protocol, Umbria is focused on creating accessible applications and promises to gain traction amongst anyone looking for a user-friendly way to get into DeFi. Polygon was chosen as the best partner to create scalable, cheaper-to-use dApps while ensuring a superior user experience in a secure and decentralised manner.

Polygon also offers many benefits for the developers working behind the scenes by providing support via grants, technical guidance, security audit support, marketing and promotional support, and helping with investor connections.

Along with Polygon, Umbria to create the best technology to build the next generation of financial infrastructure.

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