#FinancialFox Loopring: Providing lower fees and scalability for growing Ethereum transactions

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In this new #FinancialFox DeFi Steffy talks to Daniel Wang, Founder and CEO Loopring, a Shanghai-based decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. Loopring offers services as a crypto exchange and a smart wallet for users to manage Ethereum assets.

With the explosive growth in DeFi, the Ethereum network has become strained and transactions costs have increased as a result. Loopring offers scalability solution with throughput increased by 1000x, and cost reduced to just 0.1%. When fees are lower, more users can benefit from the features of blockchain technology.

The important thing is to turn the technology into a user-friendly product, says Daniel about Loopring’s mission. As DeFi becomes increasingly more adopted, scalability solutions such as the one offered by Loopring will be urgent and necessary.

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