#FinancialFox Radix DLT: The protocol turning DeFi into mainstream

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In this episode of #FinancialFox, we speak with Piers Ridyard, CEO of Radix, the first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi. Radix DLT provides frictionless access, programmability, and liquidity to any asset making DeFi services more accessible.

“We want to achieve a unified seamless user experience meaning that the end-user has the easiest path into and out of financial products built on top of DeFi platforms,” says Piers. Radix aims to provide scalability in order to allow for DeFi services to grow, reach their full capacity and meet global demand. Radix DLT completed its first public token sale by raising $12.7M (nearly Β£9.37M) worth tokens in just two weeks.

Piers also talks about the importance of building a community that believes in new projects and shares the vision of decentralising financial services.

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