#FinancialFox The Transition into the Green Economy & UK Energy Security

In this #FinancialFox episode, Stefania is joined by Tom Edwards from award-winning energy consultancy Cornwall Insight, and City analyst Zac Phillips, to discuss the newly trending topic of the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution
A low-carbon economy is an ambitious yet necessary goal, and a key part of our transition to the green economy is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas while scaling up renewable energy projects. However, it isn’t simply a question of switching.

A great deal of infrastructure investment will be needed to produce carbon neutral energy at a mass scale, especially in the wind, hydrogen and nuclear energy industries. New, smarter allocation and distribution of energy will have to be implemented to change our collective behaviour and consumption.
The energy transition – a gradual process over the next few decades – will have to unfold as smoothly as possible for minimal disruption to lives and businesses.
The domestic Oil and Gas industry will play a key role in this transition, as locally sourced and produced oil can significantly reduce the industry’s carbon emissions by cutting transport and decreasing the need for imported energy sources.

Watch this highly informative interview and get ready for the Green Economy.

Read more about the Green Economy here: https://cassiopeiaservicesltd.medium.com/energy-transition-uk-gears-up-for-green-industrial-revolution-cc733bc9b962

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