#FinancialFox Crypto Coinpass: How to leap from equities investment to cryptocurrencies

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In this episode of #FinancialFox, Stefania talks to Jeff Hancock, co-founder and CEO of Coinpass, the award-winning UK-based cryptocurrency exchange platform providing a a seamless and user-friendly experience in investing and trading cryptocurrencies. Coinpass was founded in 2017 by three founders with strong and wide experience in Tech, Cybersecurity and Financial Services on a mission to build a bridge between traditional banking into crypto .

In this interview, Jeff expands on the to offer significant growth opportunities for the whole cryptocurrency market.

“Fiat currencies have historically failed, they do not truly meet the needs of consumers; the impact of Covid has opened up possibilities for cryptocurrencies to deliver innovative and better solutions. Crypto brings a new exciting class of assets which are disrupting the financial markets, but the market is still in development and so education is necessary. Cryptocurrencies don’t have to be so cryptic.”

Combing high standard practice, compliance and innovation Coinpass offers tools for investors and traders to understand the crypto ecosystem and design investment strategies according to individual profile and goals.

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