ADVFN CEO tells investors: have a clear strategy, derisk from equities & enter the crypto universe.

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In this episode of #FinancialFox Investing corner, Stefania Barbaglio speaks to Clem Chambers, renowned investment guru, award-winning financial author and CEO of London listed financial news platform ADVFN (AFN) and blockchain developer Online Blockchain (OBC).

A very insightful and informative interview for investors looking on how to position themselves amidst economic uncertainty and volatile market activity. Having a clear investment strategy is a crucial aspect during these times.

Clem believes the market is heading for a period of depression. In this aspect, gold and precious metals equities are suitable at the moment as he sees inflation increasing. Clem is also very optimistic about the crypto market and digital assets as a way of protecting your wealth against inflation and market losses. Investors from a more traditional finance/investment background should get familiar with crypto, says Clem. A new class of investment assets is growing fast in the technology space; cryptocurrencies are evolving in the nascent decentralised finance market (DeFi).

Because of political tensions in the US and prospects of a second lockdown in the UK and Europe, exposure to foreign markets could be a safer alternative, says Clem, such as the Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc, that serves as a protection against inflation/deflation movements.

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