#FinancialFox: Fund manager says take your position – “Bitcoin is millennials’ gold”

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In this episode, Stefania Barbaglio welcomes Amanda van Dyke, MD at ARCH Emerging Markets Partners, precious metals expert, and fund manager. Amanda gives her take on the state of the gold market and the long-standing role of the precious metal as a ‘wealth preservation mechanism’.

In times of uncertainty, market volatility and rising inflation, savvy investors often turn to gold; but with advent of the digital economy, gold’s safe-haven status is being challenged by cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity among young investors and professionals looking into alternative ways of keeping storing wealth. For millennials, cryptocurrencies are the new gold.

Uncorrelated to financial markets and economic activity, cryptos can offer protection against inflation: a safer investment opportunity. The most significant players in the crypto market are Bitcoin – the leading coin by market cap – and Ethereum, which has a growing use-case in smart contracts and DeFi solutions.

In the current economic climate, bullish market sentiment can be misleading. Markets and bonds are yielding low returns to investors because there are minimal investment options. Tech stocks and safe-haven assets are emerging as the winners. The gold market looks set to remain bullish with economic uncertainties in the near future. Amanda believes that this is a time to increase exposure to gold.

On companies to watch, Amanda mentions Condor Gold (LON: CNR, TSX: COG) and Hummingbird Resources (LON: HUM) as gold developers. For investors looking into higher-risk options, gold explorer Cora Gold (LON: CORA).

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