Blockchain to combat counterfeits: IOHK | Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Lab

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In this exclusive episode, Stefania Barbaglio talks to Professor James Caldwell @University of Wyoming & also Co-Director @IOHK Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Lab, how new technologies can help to combat the billion-dollar counterfeiting market. Earlier on this year, @Cardano Foundation donated $500.000 to the University of Wyoming for the Advanced Blockchain Lab.

James explains the inception of the advanced blockchain lab and the partnership with IOHK which he credits to the favourable legal and regulatory climate of the state of Wyoming as well as the close proximity to the Cardano’s Colorado office. Charles Hoskinson, Founder @Cardano Foundation, stated that the @University of Wyoming represents a better return on investment for IOHK than other big US-name Universities such as Harvard, MIT or Cornell.

The Lab is developing cryptographic protocols and verification methods for both software & hardware to implement for supply chain tracking and potentially solve the rising cases of counterfeit & fake products.

The first prototype to be available in almost a years time & will be game-changing for many industries particularly the luxury market.


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