#FinancialFox: Hotel Ginebra, where you can pay your stay in Barcelona with Cardano ADA

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In this episode of FinancialFox, Stefania Barbaglio talks to Alfred Moeske, co-founder of Hotel Ginebra, a boutique hotel in the centre of Barcelona. Alfred is a vigorous supporter of Cardano project and in December 2017, his hotel became the first business worldwide to accept payment in ADA, Cardano’s cryptocurrency. During the 2020 Cardano Virtual Summit, Alfred took attendees on a virtual tour of Barcelona and his hotel.

‘Cardano is really special because it is a project for people’.
Alfred who first heard about Bitcoin and ICOs in 2017, the year cryptocurrencies became more mainstream but felt that many projects were not authentic as Cardano. At the core of technological development of Cardano lies the philosophy of creating a blockchain enterprise based on a human-centred approach to innovation. The project has been developed by thorough research and in-depth study.  

The use of cryptocurrency as a method of payment has great potential for the tourist sector. It can attract more people, especially from tech-savvy regions such as Asia, and help hospitality businesses to restore direct contacts with clients and grow widely by providing a safe, fast and convenient payment platform.

Read more about 2020 Cardano Virtual Summit: https://medium.com/@cassiopeiaservicesltd/cardano-grows-stronger-after-successful-virtual-summit-f5fee222dda3

Book hotels with ADA: https://www.travala.com/payment/cardano-ada

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