#FinancialFox with Robert Breedlove: The Monetary Policy Game and the Role of Bitcoin.

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PR guru and tech devotee Stefania Barbaglio talks to Bitcoin advocate and CEO Parallax Digital Robert Breedlove in an exclusive interview for our FinancialFox Channel. Robert gives a taught-provoking insight into how Central Banks work and the monopoly of money supply in economies.

After the markets were down in March, the economy entered a worrying state. Robert believes that the underlying reason for such a tremendous harming economic impact is the highly centralised model based on Central Banks monetary policies. Central banks have relied on quantitative easing for years to overcome crises which increased inflation rates and created an unsustainable financial system.

In this aspect, cryptocurrencies have the potential of playing an essential role in increasing decentralisation. Bitcoin, in particular, shares the main characteristics of gold such as scarcity, which means Bitcoin could become a new type prof hard money.

Why Bitcoin?
“Bitcoin has essentially three main features that make it stand out: high liquidity, a vast network of users and security – more miners equals more security. Bitcoin has perfect the properties that make money, making it very difficult for newer cryptocurrencies to compete with it.

Bitcoin is a path-dependent, one-time invention; its critical breakthrough is the discovery of absolute scarcity—a monetary property never before (and never again) achievable by mankind.

Like the invention of zero, which led to the discovery of “nothing as something” in mathematics and other domains, Bitcoin is the catalyst of a worldwide paradigmatic phase change.

More than just a new monetary technology, Bitcoin is an entirely new economic paradigm: an uncompromisable base money protocol for a global, digital, non-state economy. ”

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