#FinancialFox Investing Corner: Gold, metals and natural resources amid COVID-19

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In today’s episode of #FinancialFox, we will be talking more about investment during COVID-19 with Amanda van Dyke, Fund Manager at South River, and gold and mining expert.

Amanda gives an insightful view of one of the hottest topics in this crisis: the volatility in ‘safe-haven assets’ such as gold and silver. She believes that gold is still a key asset in an investment portfolio, that the dip in gold prices was due to investor over-selling, and that prices have recovered in the last 10 days and should continue to do so. ‘This is an excellent time to buy gold,’ she says. Amanda also shares her criteria about what makes a good investment in gold equities: this is a good time to look at gold-producing equities.

In terms of base and battery metals, the market will take some time to pick up again as these commodities are heavily used in industries which are closed right now. However, in the medium and long term, metals are likely to perform very well, especially given the importance of technology in fighting the impacts of COVID 19.

Stefania and Amanda also reflect on how the crisis is levelling up China with developed economies, and the growing importance of sustainable energy resources in the markets against the fall in oil.

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

02:40 – Coronavirus: The impact & the change in behaviours

03:55 – Gold – still a safe haven asset? Recent volatility; comparison with previous crisis.

05:50 – Gold vs gold equities

07:50 – Gold equities suggestions – large producers

11:10 – Battery metals

15:20 – Role of China in metal mining

18:45 – Impact on the oil industry

22:30 – Energy sector: company ideas

23:30 – Tipping point to renewables?

25:40 – A balanced portfolio for right now


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