#FinancialFox Investing Corner: How to Survive the COVID-19 Market Crash

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In this episode of #FinancialFox, Stefania Barbaglio talks to Nick Harriss, Director, Corporate Finance at Allenby Capital about the market uncertainty, panic selling and how investors can rethink their portfolio. It is hard to predict how things will play out in this scenario, but ‘shares are a long term investment,’ Nick says, advising that the best strategy is to sit tight and wait for the crisis to slow down. In previous market crises, companies were resilient and managed to give great returns on the price comeback.

There are many challenges during this period as services, premises and businesses are shut down. The crisis has hit mainly all industries with some harder such as the hospitality sectors, retailers, luxury, travel, tourism. The oil & gas sector is also under pressure, mainly due to the lower oil price result of the war between Saudi and Russia. However, this is also a time of opportunities: different sectors of the economy will have to restructure to survive, new technologies are leading the way as there will be a permanent change of behaviour for many industries.

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

02:30 – Panic selling amidst coronavirus scare
08:20 – Survival of “quality companies”: Strong / Weak companies – who won’t survive
11:05 – Large-cap options
14:15 – NEWER OPTIONS: Video conferencing/remote working companies uptick ?
15:50 – Supermarkets/Food & the upsurge in hoarding
18:50 – Fitness /gyms: time for a change
22:25 – Luxury market scenario
25:00 – Impact of oil price & world market reaction
27:30 – Buy signal? When, where & how?
29:30 – PATIENCE – The only virtue to keep going forward
31:00 – How to build a BALANCED INVESTMENT portfolio
33:45 – TERMINOLOGIES – What is short medium & long term ?
35:10 – BREXIT – What’s going to happen ?
38:00 – THE END – Very powerful & heartfelt Steffy!

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