#FinancialFox Swiss company completes the largest real estate transaction in tokens

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In this episode of #FinancialFox, crypto guru Stefania Barbaglio talks to Stephan Rind, CEO of Brick Mark, a next-generation real estate investment and management company. The company recently signed a purchase agreement for the largest ever real estate transaction paid in tokens of a total volume of over CHF 130 million. The premium investment property is located at the heart of Bahnhofstrasse, in Zurich and has high redevelopment potential. BrickMark is now positioned as the world’s leading blockchain real estate investment firm.

Stefania and Stephan discuss the potential of new technology to disrupt the real state investment sector. BrickMark’s deal is ground-breaking for the whole property and investment sector as it opens up the potential of forming and designing new digital securities on the blockchain integrated with smart contract technology.

Real estate is one of the biggest asset class industries and Brick Mark’s innovation has formed a new form of capital which did not exist so far.

Watch the full interview to know what’s next for Brick Mark as it eyes new opportunities by getting listed on a regulatory exchange and building new innovative digital assets.

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