FINANCIALFOX : Rise of mobile payment systems in India & the role of digital currencies

In this episode of the FinancialFox, PR Guru Stefania Barbaglio unveils the potential of the digital giant India in an exclusive conversation with Mr. Byas Nambisan, CEO of Ezetap. Ezetap is one of the most widely used digital payment systems in India and has the unique ability to let businesses accept any mode of payment, anywhere, through any device, along with any banking partner of the customer’s choice. The unprecedented rise of mobile payments, as well as internet access across the whole country, is driving financial inclusion and proper small entrepreneurship, shaping the digital payments scene in India. Together with strong government support, a new digital economy is emerging in India, setting the country on course to become one of the biggest markets in the world. Watch this exclusive episode to learn more about the country’s financial inclusion, government policies and much more.

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