FinancialFox Mining: Ready for the next big uranium bull run

In this episode of Financial Fox, Stefania Barbaglio (Steffy) talks to Brandon Munro, a well-known international uranium market expert and CEO of Banneman resources, an Australian Listed uranium company operating the largest uranium deposit in Africa. Uranium is one of the hottest tipped commodities in mining in recent times, due to the push for cleaner nuclear energy and lowering supply. Prices in uranium look promising in the medium to long term as more nuclear reactors start activities around the world and utilities demand more uranium. . Uranium demand could double by 2040, believes Brandon. Although prices are still holding back, it is generally agreed that it holds strong potential to shake up the commodity market in the near future with a rapid upturn that can bring substantial returns for investors who bought at the bottom of the market.
Uranium should be on the watch-list of any investor.

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