BLOCKCHAIN : The evolution of the Internet & the revolution happening in the financial system.

In this special episode of the FinancialFox, PR Blockchain guru Stefania Barbaglio interviews two different type of investors: Chris Oil, the well-known British private investor and oil guru, and Stephen Kendal, cryptocurrency investor and famous ambassador of Steem blockchain. Chris mentions a few oil stocks and the investment opportunity with uranium, but he also recognises the opportunity offered by blockchain and reveals his current interest in 2 London listed companies. Stephen invites Chris to blog on Steemit, the social crypto platform where bloggers are paid. Stephen also discusses the power of decentralisation. Blockchain is leading a revolution in the global financial system, creating a decentralise tokenised model where everything is accountable. Endorsing blockchain, Timothy John Berners-Lee , the inventor of the World Wide Web, says Blockchain was actually what he actually envisaged when he created the internet.
Time to get educated: for investors, get familiar with Steemit and look at the crypto-coin Digibyte, which boasts the largest online community. DigiByte is the emblem of the power of decentralisation.

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