Feed Africa to Feed the World. Block is creating a new agricultural economy for smallholder farmers

In this special episode of FinancialFox, Blockchain expert and Crypto PR Guru Stefania Barbaglio connects to South Africa for an update on Block Commodities’ operations and development of the first-of-its-kind agri-tech ecosystem that is deploying innovative crypto-lending solutions and new technologies, such as blockchain, to optimise the supply chain while empowering smallholder farmers. The aim is to address the enormous exclusion of South African farmers FROM the agricultural value chain: 38,000 European commercial farmers are providing 90% of the food to a population of 60 million South Africans. The project also empowers women farmers who represent 60% of all small-scale farming activity, but enjoy only 15% of potential yield in the food industry. Special guests are Clinton Van Eden, Head of Block Operations in Africa, Prince Bobby Kims, CEO of Pure Grow Africa and David Smillie, CEO and owner of VIPA Holdings.

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