FinancialFox EXCLUSIVE: Contrarian Investor Chris Oil back on video with his thoughts

On Financial Fox, an exclusive Interview with Chris Oil. After years of press silence, the well-known contrarian high net worth investor speaks again. Known as the Oil & Gas Guru, Chris believes it is a great time to ride the wave and invest in Oil and Gas companies. He favours a high risk/high reward player like Chariot Oil, as well as undervalued companies with low risk and proven reserves. To mention two such companies: Chariot Oil and Anglo African Oil. Uranium is also on his radar, perhaps not quite yet due to market dynamics, but uranium will certainly be within his focus in 2020. Chris is looking at Australian companies like Bannerman Resources, and the Canadian Energy Fuels.

Finally, and surprisingly, he is a buyer of the right undervalued Blockchain companies. His attention is now all on Block Commodities: “Undervalued, with a proved business change and good fundamentals to grow internally” marks his contrarian move of 2018.

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